Michel de Bures – A possible ancestor

For the Michael ancestry I get to a John Michall and Elizabeth /(Became Michael)/

It is possible that Elizabeth is Elizabeth Opie. But someone (details now lost) told me that the couple were childless. Plus they had money, something my family never had!

So this page may be a thorough waste of time – or it might be that I (and you presumably if you have come here looking for Cornish Michaels) have a relation in there somewhere.

Credit where credit is due. The backbone of this tree came from one website http://www.devon-mitchells.co.uk/

Bored I added details where I could (I do seem to be bored a lot, don’t I?)

So here’s a big PDF starting in 1010 when England was ruled by
Æthelred the Unready who, if you could ask him about the de Bures would probably say ‘Didn’t he sing Lady In Red?’

The photo is one of mine from when Mrs not-Mrs-WDEOD-for-four-years walked around Cornwall. She is into neolithic archaeology and wanted to see the Merry Maidens outside Penzance. I was expecting to see another Stonehenge. Well maybe the cattle are forty foot high.

Merry Maidens