FHCAM – Rings and Kings

This page is about my paternal Nan’s family. Ring & King to Fellows to Harford (maybe) to Line.

If you have come across it by accident or even on purpose, the usual rules apply.

  1. Assume that I’m an idiot; that I have everything wrong and that you need to verify the facts.
  2. If it is published elsewhere include the sources.

There are three PDFs.

The first is an outline from John Ring (Stadhampton, Oxford 1792 – 1871) and Susannah King (Shirburn, Ox 1793 – 1874) down.

The second is a very large pdf which includes everything apart from anything to do with living people. That makes sense. The first few pages are the people, the rest are the sources hopefully at readable size.

The third are the ancestors of their daughter, my direct ancestor Martha Ring, thus including them – clever ain’t I?

Dad (centre back), Brixton 1940s