FHCAM – Morley

This page is for my Morley genes. It has an Irish root, travelling to Leeds at the time of the Great Famine.

Many went to British Colombia, but my bit went to Liverpool, then London (England, not Ontario).

I met Austin 3G’s Granddaughter in Canterbury a few years ago and had a very nice conversation with her mum. I think I promised to send everything I had. Apologies, better late …

First two things:

  1. Assume that I’m an idiot; that I have everything wrong and that you need to verify the facts.
  2. If you want to publish it elsewhere include the original sources.

So we have three PDFs.

  1. An outline, bare bones of all of Austin Morley (1816 – 1874) and Elizabeth Guy (1820 – 1876) descendants.
  2. A very large pdf of the same. The first pages are the people, the rest are the sources hopefully at readable size. There will be a quiz at the end of class, so make sure you read all the pages (you may need lots of coffee).
  3. Another large pdf, based on his daughter Hannah (my direct ancestor) of her ancestors i.e. both Austin and Elizabeth – see clever ain’t I?

Update (at 5:27 on a Sunday morning as the flu takes hold) – Joseph Green Morley (1899 – 1981) married Velma Francis Woodward not Velma Bec. I’ve realised that I originally had Velma (Became Morley) and edited it badly.

Ellen Mangan, Austin’s granddaughter and Joe, my granddad, before he ran away to sea (he had the outfit – why not?).