FHCAM – Line (Wycombe)

This page is about the Line family, being my nan’s.

If you have come across it by accident or even on purpose, the usual rules apply.

  1. Assume that I’m an idiot; that I have everything wrong and that you need to verify the facts.
  2. If it is published elsewhere include the sources.

There are two PDFs. The first is an outline from OOM Line – One or Many – who is placeholder to enable me to try to understand the roots of the family.

The second is a very large pdf which includes everything apart from anything to do with living people. That makes sense. The first few pages are the people, the rest are the sources hopefully at readable size.

Nan – Florence Rose (nee Line) – and floral wallpaper c1975


When Nan died, going through her stuff we came across three photos. No idea if they are related (there was also one of Clark Gable). You will see one is in the RNAS uniform, before that was merged into the RAF.

Unknown Line

Unknown Line

Unknown Line


I think I have ID’d two of the three. Ancestry have the Naval records online now and I’m pretty sure this is nan’s elder brother Frank (1900 – 1977)!