FHCAM – Cupit – Descendants William Cupit (~1620 of Shirland) and Alice

With the phenomenal success of my other family history pages I’ve decided to add the furthest back I can set on my Nan’s side. The Cupits of Derbyshire. Sorry, I don’t know Alice’s surname.

First two things:

  1. Assume that I’m an idiot; that I have everything wrong and that you need to verify the facts.
  2. If you want to publish it elsewhere include the original sources.

So we have two PDFs.

  1. An outline, bare bones of all of William’s descendants.
  2. A very large pdf of everything I have. The first pages are the people, the rest are the sources hopefully at readable size.

To pretty the page up, here are photos of my dad and nan with some of my children


Em, couldn’t find a similar one for 4.