FHCAM – Ellings – Some Ellings Stuff

This page has mainly put in place for Marjory.

If you have come across it by accident, the usual rules apply:-

  1. Assume that I’m an idiot; that I have everything wrong and that you need to verify the facts.
  2. If you want to publish it elsewhere, please  include the sources.

This page has a .png file then two large .pdf’s The .pdf’s may take a long time to download. A really long time.

One is a narrative representation of the diagram. The other starts at OOM (One of Many) Ellings which is a placeholder to allow me to try an understand relationships at a time when literacy levels were low, consistent spelling was unheard of and details were not noted.

So here then, some Ellings … or Ellens … or Hellings … or Elings (etc.)

It should be possible to zoom in to see the detail on the chart – if not you might have to download it.

William cecil Ellings Ancestors

OOM Ellings

You may find my connection in to the Ellings of interest – here.