FHCAM – Michael ancestors

So, after meticulous research on which DNA kit to buy, I ignored the advice and bought an Ancestry autosomal kit each for both me and Mrs Wdeod.

She wasn’t impressed as she thought it would be an mtDNA test as her friends had done. they had booklets and information tracing their mitochondrial DNA 1000s of years back. All this gave her was possible links to people she knew anyway.

I have been looking at the family tree for about 15 years off and on and have the normal amount of brick walls and families that just seem to disappear.

This page concentrates on one of them, the Michael family of Cornwall.

The legend. We are descended from Michel de Burgh, one of William the Conqueror’s henchmen, who’s family became Lord Chancellors of England. Hmm, if that is the case, the money went somewhere, but not down my branch.

The brickwall. I cannot get further than John Michael (1715 – 1799) and Elizabeth ? (~1711 – ?) He was also known as Michall – and probably a number of other similar combinations of letters.

Area of special interest. John Francis Michael’s family. 1871, loads of them, 1881, he’s married to someone else and the ’71 family becomes hard/impossible to find.

To make matters worse, the children seem to pick and chose which surname they want to go by – Michael or Grose.

The score

  1. Elizabeth Jane Grose (or Michael) – 1855 Saltash. Disappears after 1871 census
  2. James Francis Michael (or Grose) – 1857 Died in an accident, reported in local paper. His daughter died a few months later.
  3. Rhoda Mary Michael – 1859 Had a child in Penzance Workhouse in 1879 which was the last I can find of her. The child died.
  4. Thomas Michael (or Grose) – 1860 Married and died in 1935 without issue.
  5. John Michael (or Grose) – 1864 Married Mary Ann Miners. His picture is here. Lots of kids -the line is saved!
  6. Ruth Jago Michael (or Grose) – 1865 Twin Died 1890 without children.
  7. Eliza Ann Grose Michael. 1865 Twin Managed to connect her to the tree yesterday through a combination of ancestral cyberstalking and then coming across an ancestry tree that had her on it. Lots of kids. Strangely she was called Elizabeth in later life. But she had a living sister called Elizabeth.
  8. Harriet Louisa Michael 1867 Maybe called Maria. Not seen after 1871
  9. Ellen Michael (no 1) 1869 – Died as a child
  10. William Henry Michael 1869 – Died as a child
  11. Ellen Michael 1874 – Apart from the birth registration, nothing.

Here is an absolutely massive PDF of what I have (it honestly will take hours to download!)

Ancestors of William James Michael