FHCAM – Gilchrist (incl. Gare, Garwood and Wild)

This page simply provides my information on the descendants of one Arthur Gilchrist. I have not got back further than him, but his first marriage (in the Fleet Prison grounds – which meant it could avoid some of the Church rules) suggests he was a trader. It also mentions Holland, but I cannot work out if it is a ship, a place or something else. The name Gilchrist itself is Scottish. Finally some Scottish genes to add to my English, Irish and Cornish.

The page has two pdfs.

The first is a simple outline of his descendants with no sources, photos, witty comments from me etc.

The second is a PDF with all those in. It will take some time to download. Really, some time.

If you plan to republish this information there are two rules:

  1. Chris is an idiot and everything should be verified
  2. Include the original sources so that later research is easier and the workers attributed.

The picture is one of Doris’ – I feel it is somewhere in South London at the end of the 50s. No idea where though.