FHCAM – Miners / Ellings – Descendants of Edwin Miners and Elizabeth Ann Ellings

This page is to do with my (and many other’s) ancestors, Edwin Miners and Elizabeth Ann Ellings of Cornwall.

There are reports at the bottom. As this is going into the wild I have tried to make sure no living people are included for privacy reasons.

The ‘featured image’ is my Teddy Bear, 56. It is showing both its age and a St Piran badge given to me by my cousin Alex Dyer (who’s mum is one of the girls below).

Michael Family c1910. Elizabeth Ann Ellings is dead centre.
Edwin Miners


Edith Lavinia Miners and Ellen Marguerta Miners in later life

The following document is a downloadable PDF – Only four pages as it is an outline only

Descendants of Edwin Miners Simple

However the following had shed loads more and will probably take ages to download! So go make a coffee – no milk, half a sugar in mine please.

Descendants of Edwin Miners