My name is Chris and I took hardly any of the photographs you will see in this site.

The purpose of WDEOD is to enable anyone to see photographs taken by a lady named Doris Shipway (1918 – 2014).

Doris enjoyed travelling and photographing her trips. She (mostly) used good quality photographic slides and had Pentax and Nikon cameras.

When she died, she left about 50 years worth of slides and various related documents. These all were destined for the skip, so we agreed to take them.

Our idea was to pass them on immediately to a society or museum, but initial inquiries did not find anyone willing to have them.

I therefore decided to organise, scan and publish them myself.

A couple of years, and scanners, later, I have ~30,000 photo files, little yellow Kodak and green Fujifilm boxes everywhere and a wardrobe full of boxes that my wife would much rather house her winter wear.

I hope you enjoy them.


1 2nd Prize

Me – a little while ago. I still have a beard.



6 thoughts on “About WDEOD

  1. Can’t thank you enough Chris. Your great effort is highly appreciated and admired indeed.
    I’m a historian much interested in North Africa slides at Doris’s wonderful archive and would be glad if helping me having them all.
    and would be glad in helping identify any photos of North Africa and the middle east that might be not identified or places not recognized. would be glad really to contribute to this huge effort. Please don’t hesitate to contact for any assistance I might provide.
    Thank you so much.


  2. Thanks for your kind comments. Most of the slides have no identification and I always fear causing upset by getting it wrong. At time of writing I’m loading photographs from 1968, but hope to get to Morocco (1972), Tunisia (1976), Ethiopia (actually mostly now Eritrea 1973) and Yemen (19??) before I use up my space allocation. Chris


    1. Well then, I am at your disposal for any assistance especially when it comes to North African countries or the middle east if any are mixed up or having difficulties identifying. (sometimes one might be confused between Egypt, Libya and Tunisia for example).
      I would be delightful indeed contributing to your great work.


        1. You are right, That would be the Shahrestan bridge in Iran, Isfahan province. Looks like it was pictured during a drought season.


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