1988 Madagascar

1116. Madagascar 1988 – Left in the camera for a year

The journal with the itinerary is at 1108.

I was just browsing through 1989, to see what was next when I came across this set. Although they are dated 10/89, I can see they are Madagascar.

Doris had numbered them in the same way (which infers her notations were done in the 1990s, not at the time).

There is precious little else in 1989 apart from one shot of Australia and a handful from Morocco. Either I have misfiled them or else they are lost forever. Shame.

Here are her photographs. Either scroll down the page to see the pictures or click on one to open lightbox and use its functions.

If you would like to see where Doris visited, select somewhere from this map or use the Category drop down

Doris has photos from 71 out of 217 countries. That is 32.72%.

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