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Music 37 – Louder than God – Crush Story

Its really stupid but I get two completely different songs mixed up.

Its acceptable to get My Bloody Valentine and My Bloody Romance mixed up, even though the music and ethos is different because you lose interest after the second word.

I’m sure there are literally more than two other bands where this happens and people idiotically shout out for songs, not in that band’s repertoire. Perhaps they become wise to the mistake and deliberately add the songs to their set list. I would. Here’s a song by ‘Wood’.

Band A. Hollow Men. Leeds based. Did nothing. No idea what happened to them. Album Cresta. Two great songs, this and ‘Beautiful Sun’

Why? I like the way the ‘by by by’ swirls around.

Embed it then Chris

Second song, Crush Story.

Album Cereal Killers. Perhaps I got confused because of all the seas, no C’s


Why do I like it? The lyrics make me smile – I am the smallest giant EVER!

The picture – Nepal 1972

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