1987 Mexico

1058. Mexico 1987 – Oaxaca and Mexico City (P1)

[Doris’ journal continued]

[Friday 23/10/1987 still]

“On to Mt Alban. Henrietta did some explaining how Mixtec took over from Zapopec Mayans introduced observatories. Temples N & S with palace between. A lot of steps [Doris was 69 in 1987] very steep to climb and a last scramble to a high viewing point, but large cloud obscured sun & sites were in deep shade, so no photo.

Many nice flowers & lovely pink grasses.

Dinner on terrace (fish) then watched dancers until very tired to bed, but not much sleep.

Saturday [24/10/1987]

Awake early blasting in hills starts about 5 o/c. Just rested, until 6 o/c when heard Vera at window rating lovely sunrise. Also took. Then sounds of hammering on metal beat out an anvil chorus. Dogs joined in. Brekker on terrace front seat. Many fruits which I left alone.

Went to take picture of trees reflected in pool but swimmers now disturbed with reflections replaced by ripples.

Fred found a St Andrews Spider.

Out towards Mitla. Stop to take 2000 year old Taxodium. To water a moat with holes leading down to roots is flooded each day. Road through wide valley with barren brown mountains around.

We took the old road in search of pictures, but it proved to be abortive. Lots of dogs took objection to our intrusion. The villagers came out to see the strangers who had invaded their privacy. Out by (dam?) we photo’s cacti, flowers and scenery.

Boy stole Fred’s bag, whilst he was changing film and Sue chased after boy with Greg and Henrietta bringing up the rear, about 1 hour.

Coach made several stops as we saw the (purser’s) head on the horizon.Took goats and herd etc. (her footnote: White or dark shirts. Some folk thought it was a boy living by a watermill, but as colour of shirt in doubt, hope wrong one not accused).

Watched butterflies and humming birds at flowers on trees.

Girl’s 15th birthday at church Teotitlan del Valle. Crackers. Made own dress. House decorated in same colour as dress. Guests bring food and drink, but still very expensive. Now of age to marry. [No longer the case in many Mexican states].

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