1987 Mexico

1057. Mexico 1987 – Oaxaca and Monte Albán (N2)

As with 1056. I’ll transcribe Doris’ journal. All words, views, spellings are hers unless in []’s and italics.

Friday (23/10/1987)

Up early and out to (O?)

See many beehives on way. Corn, the cobs now harvested, but seeds left to ripen in fields.

The market was fantastic. Full of livestock to be sacrificed at the night of the dead. Large wooden ploughs hand carved. Pigs, goats, sheep, some small pigs dragged along by their hind legs, their heads banging the ground. Everywhere crowds of people, onions tied up beautifully. Every commodity one could think of; then to the church of St Thomas where I attempted to wind back the film. Sadly, I didn’t press release button and tore film, so wasted good morning’s shooting.

Cactus corn wild flowers.

Then off to San Domingo Monastry, a lovely church with an interesting tree of brothers. The ceilings were beautiful, also a richly carved altar covered with gold leaf. The original alter destroyed by Revolution. New one installed 1865.

The cathedral at Oaxaco was a disappointment after the riches of S Domingo. One chapel was full of flowers to celebrate the crowning of Senor del Rayo (of the Prisoners).

Outside were vendors of balloons and toys. Many people came to sell, but not so many who bothered the people in the restuarant.

[continues later]

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