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Music 26 – 1969 From Genesis to Revelation etc.

I thought I would enter the spirit of 50 years ago. And add some prog.

Genesis then. The lads were teenage and in a contract with Decca and Jonathan King. The lads were in their teens and since 1967 had been recording songs, probably aimed at others to sing.

In 1969, an album was put together , released and sunk like a stone. I read that 665 (how almost ironic) copies sold. The record shops thought it was religious music and stacked it thus.

The rights somehow remained with King (whom I quite like, but others hate with a fervour) and he reissues it regularly.

Firstly – no Phil Collins, no Steve Hackett.

So Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford with Anthony Phillips (who left the band and learnt how to play the guitar) and a couple of drummers.

But is it any good?

Mostly no.

However …

In The Wilderness. Actually 1968, but hey, it’s my blog. Actually a good song. If they had done nothing else there would be a group of guys who would have this as the best 60’s obscurities. The Watch, an Italian prog band covered this. Personally I sing it as ‘Muesli, All I eat is muesli..’

In The Beginning Oh, also 1968. Gabriel had a fantastic voice from the go.

A Winter’s Tale. Ho hum. 1968. Gabriel goes this way and the backing goes that.

One Eyed Hound. Is this a penis analogy?

So, if you are thinking “Where should I start with Genesis” the answer is “Trespass”.

A photo? Bodrum 1966

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