1987 Mexico

1056. Mexico 1987 – Mexico City and Oaxaca (N1)

In these sets of posts I’ll try to transcribe Doris’ notes. Often they are hard to comprehend and even work out where they start.

If I cannot read something I’ll bracket it and suggest options. Where the comment is mine, I’ll put it in italics. Got that? Good.

Note these are her words, her spelling and her views. Because she was running two cameras, and one film may be used on a number of days, the diary and the photos may not quite (at all?) match up.

Tuesday 20(/10/1987)

To Gatwick via Green Line and train. Met Vera at Croydon, Muriel already arrived. Greg [Alfred Gregory, the noted explorer and photographer], Sue [Susan Gregory, the noted photographer, his wife], Les and Fred about 7 o/c. [Must be in evening and they stayed in a hotel].

Wednesday 21(10/1987)

Took coach 7:45 to Gatwick. Sat between Sue and Greg for long haul to Fort Worth, Dallas. Then with Vera and M(uriel) to Mexico City. Dark when we arrived.

Thursday 22(10/1987)

Out early after a good brekker but why did I partake of papaya and water melon. Disaster latter. Muriel went with Sue to get photographs as we thought required by authorities for Visa, but not necessary after all. Then for a stroll. Quite pleasant climate.

Some signs of 1985 earthquake, much building…”

“… New Central Hotel queer design, gave impression of falling over not good in earthquake city.

Walked along Cuan (mor to Reforma) roads with nice gardens and trees. Palms reached high. Walked as far as statue of last Emperor, names of officials who fought with his around base. Rather confused me.

It was then that the dreaded Montezuma Revenge started to strike and before reaching the hotel, I had cause to regret eating fruit at breakfast.

The following hours are painful to recall, but the loving care and concern that I should get to Oaxaco was outstanding. Vera and Muriel were both kind and helpful getting me back to the hotel etc.

Twice Sue called to see if I could make it the airport (leaving at 12 noon). Both times I was asleep, the dyra( ) doing its tranquillising effect, but as soon as I moved, I vomited and had other problems, so no way could I make airport and I resigned myself to staying in Mexico City.

Sometime later, I was awoken by phone call. Plane had been delayed. Could I now make airport by taxi? Arrangements made and slowly got ready. Ring for bell boy to pick up case and see me to taxi. Sue and Henrietta met the taxi at the Mexicana Airway. Sue told me that if I had not been able to make it arrangements were made for me to fly out tomorrow. Also thought for sending flowers as a cheer up. Flight was delayed until 6o/c and party given lunch as compensation. Very nice hostel at Oaxaco and had a very comfortable night.”

Here are some scans – possibly Mexico City first then in Oaxaca.

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