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Music 24. Foobar – 4* Demoted (630 to go)

Bowing to popular demand, Chris spouts crap as to why long forgot songs need to move around his poor rating system.

Why? Someone might say, ‘Oh, I’ll look that song up as he can’t be arsed to add a video to his page’, will like it, buy the album and save the artist from penury.

Tonight’s culinary feast is a pizza from Asda.


a) Re-rate the song that has comes on

b) Unless it is by the same artist as one before

c) Feel free to ignore (b)

d) Skip any that upset you, cherub.

e) Find an unpublished picture (getting harder)

Here we go …

Space Truckin’ (Live) by Deep Purple from Live In London (1982/2007) The BBC broadcast Purple’s Kilburn concert in 1974 and my brother recorded it on a cassette. However he swapped the tape over during some inter song chat at the 40 minute mark and consequently lost the last few minutes of the finale, a 31 minute 3 second rendition of Space Truckin’. Thirty years or so later, with the release of this, I finally heard what happened after the tape then stopped. Coverdale ain’t no Gillan and does nothing for the song. Hughes however adds considerably to the funkyness. Lord has a fun time as does Paice. Blackmore had a strop that day :. no encore. It was probably as someone shouted ‘Get on with it!’ during the pastoral bit of one of his solos. Oh 5* by the way as they were incredibly exciting – especially after the false ending. About five of bliss with Blackmore knowing he’s going to fuck off after turning in a blistering performance. The band are as tight as a gnat’s chuff.

Carpet Crawlers (Live 75) by Genesis from Archive: 1967-75 Peter Gabriel’s last album with the band was ‘The Lamb Lies Down In Broadstairs’ which he was persuaded to change to reflect the enjoyable day they spent in Ealing. The problem. The album was promoted with a tremendous stage show where he wore numerous weird and wonderful costumes. And his voice was subsequently muffled and strained. So how does this album have such good sound? Redubbing, my dear. The thing is that Gabriel circa 75 and circa 05 differs. 4½*

Intro by Frost* from The Philadelphia Experiment (2010). Silly live intro for the band. Very funny and involves breakfast cereal. 5*

Liverpool Girl (Demo Version) by Ian McNabb from Odds and Sods (Digital Single) Differs from the official versions in that it doesn’t go all clubby at the Cream reference. Amazing lyrics ‘Don’t she look like her mother, strangely nothing like her brother’ 5* Wonder why Cilla never covered it.

Homosapien by Pete Shelley from Homosapien (1981) Banned for being too explicitly gay. This is a tremendously powerful song by the late Pete Shelley. 5* My brother went to see him at Brixton and the tape machine kept going wrong and starting when Pete was not expecting it. Great fun.

Jason And The Argonauts by XTC from English Settlement (1982). I was wearing one of my Uffington Horse t-shirts today. Great album. Really long use of phase which goes down and suddenly comes back up and feels like in that Tom Cruise film (far and away) or when Brad Pitt comes up from the swimming in Snatch. 5*

Six Months In a Leaky Boat by Split Enz from Time and Tide (1982) Possibly banned by the BBC as it coincided with the Falklands War. Actually the album is all good. 5*

Chicago (Live) by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young from 4 Way Street Nash guilting the others into helping. Can’t hear Young. This is a hard call. Its been 5* for a long time but lets face it 4*

Singapore Silk Torpedo by The Pretty Things from Silk Torpedo (1974) Very The Who vibe to this. Why one earth did ever give this 5*? 3½* at most

Dear Prudence by The Beatles from The Beatles (White Album) (1968) A classic case of familiarity and peer pressure. 5* means pick it out to play on headphones. Not the case here. 4*

Rejoice by U2 from October (1981) This is getting depressing. Another go to song that is being dropped down to 4* well thems the rules Chris

Even Dogs In The Wild by The Associates from The Affectionate Punch (1980) Could do better than this. I will sing bits of this to myself – mainly as I can never remember all of a song. I like it – but not enough – 4*. Its in good company

Somebody Saved Me by Pete Townshend from All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (1981) I find these songs so intimate to be almost embarrassing. This was going to be 4* until the ‘When her original man snapped his finger’s – and she obeyed’ part. Poor man from the Ealing scene. 5* especially as he misses the beat

Big Brother by David Bowie from Diamond Dogs (1974) I don’t like the production on this album. Bit muddy. This song works for the ‘Someone…’ sequence. 4½*

The Song Remains The Same by Led Zeppelin from Houses Of The Holy (1973). This is a good song – but bizarrely I prefer a stupid cover by Dread Zeppelin (just as I wrote that and I heard the mock Elvis singing ‘Well I, well I, well I had a dream …’ and that sealed it) 4½*

Ok – bored now.

“Hold it, flash, bang, wallop, what a picture, what a picture, what a photograph”

Tommy Steele

The featured image is from Peru – not sure when, but it is a better shot than the one in Wiki.

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