1987 Essex

1053. Essex 1987 – Colchester

In 1987, the future Mrs Wdeod and I went up to Colchester for a surprise birthday party for one of her work colleagues.

To be honest, I cannot remember much about the evening, not because of alcohol as I was driving and thus did not partake.

What I do remember was not being able to find our hotel after the party. A really thick fog came down and we crawled along wishing someone would invent sat-navs.

We made it ok and the next day pointed homewards down the A12 in the same fog. Driving along, I saw a Mercedes on the other carriageway, jump the barrier, spin across our three lanes and end up pointing our way, but on the hard shoulder. Shifting my attention forward again as we passed him thinking ‘Do we stop?’ I then noticed his wheel, which must have parted company with the rest of the car at the barrier, bouncing merrily towards us.

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