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1044½. Bexley 2019 – Lesnes Abbey

I’ve set myself a number of challenges this year, most of which will not be met.

This post is the ’26 visits in 2019 challenge’, where Mrs WDEOD and I have to get ourselves out of the house and along to a country house, castle, park etc.

So off we go to Knole Park.

Two junctions down the A2 I realise I’ve forgotten my boots (and my shoes leak). The Sat Nav was not best pleased.

So off we go to Knole Park. Again.

Then we decide to go to Lesnes Abbey instead.

We arrived at Erith, which was a mistake on my part as the Abbey is in Abbey Wood, two miles in towards London. I’ve just this second realised my internal sat nav had picked out Lesney Park not Lesnes. Idiot.

The Abbey is one of Bexley’s few tourist attractions. It was supposedly founded by a Richard de Luci, a penitent knight being involved in the murder of Thomas Beckett, the Archbishop of Canterbury, under Henry II.

It was never a great success as the cost of draining the land from the nearby River Thames also drained its finances.

It was closed in 1525, which was before Henry VIII’s mega strop (also known at the 1534 Dissolution) and much was pulled down. As with many ex-Monasteries, the stones were nicked for other buildings. See my post on Hall Place which was the recipient.

Although the hill to the south is still covered with ancient forest, to the north, between the ruins and the Thames, is a mixture of light industry and dwellings of various ages.
The captions should provide you with information or vapid comments.

After the Abbey, we ventured into the woods to look at the fossil pit.

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