1986 Nepal

990. Nepal 1986 – N02 Kodari

For her 68th birthday, Doris took a tour of Nepal and then Tibet.

There are twenty sets of films taken by two cameras. This time she designated one ‘N’ and the other ‘P’.

Because there was no synchronising between cameras, if you go from post to post you may experience deja vu.

Doris had visited Nepal twice before. If you want to see those pictures click on Nepal on the map at the base of this post or use the menu above with Nepal being a subby of Asia.

This post features the Friendship bridge over the Bagmati River which marks the border between Nepal and China. There were no printed itinerary sheets or leaflets for this trip, but Doris did keep a journal, and that has survived. All I have to do is transcribe it. Don’t hold your breath, there are plenty of others to do first.

I flicked through the notes and reinserted some sheets that had come adrift.

There may have been a restriction on taking photographs of the Chinese side here. Doris noted that she pondered ‘taking one from the hip’, but the two Chinese soldiers were wise to her and already had rifles at the ready to reinforce the edict.

As always click/select the photos to open lightbox. You might be lucky and find there is a caption.

If you would like to see where else Doris visited, select somewhere from this map (may not work on mobiles)

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