1985 Peru

967. Peru 1985 – 12 Puno and Titicaca

The train journey came complete with a tremendous thunder storm Doris writes. It was cold also and Vera went to put on some thick tights. She came back and reported that the window in the toilet was smashed and she had been in danger of gashing her face with the violent movement of the train whilst trying to change.

Doris also reported that unscheduled stops almost stranded some tourists who had alighted and also brought crowds and dogs. The tourists were throwing chicken bones to the dogs and one starving girl got one before the dogs could.

The latter part of the film is of the Uros people on Lake Titicaca, who have built reed islands on which to live.

If you fancy following the itinerary with her, it’s here.

As always click/select the photos to open lightbox. You might be lucky and find there is a caption.

If you would like to see where else Doris visited, select somewhere from this map (may not work on mobiles)

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