1985 Peru

961. Peru 1985 – 06 Vida del pueblo peruano

The variety of designs of hats is impressive. Most are functional, especially with the thin atmosphere to keep the UV off, but some are just fashion.

In many of the Peruvian photos you will see Alan painted on walls etc. I thought at first that graffiti tagging was still in its infancy but a quick wiki check shows Alan Garcia was running for president. He won. You look on wiki for the rest of it.

Alan is my middle name which is why I noticed it. I’m not sure why my Mum chose it. If she had followed tradition I would be Christopher McCabe Wdeod ore even better Christopher Wild Wdeod.

If you fancy following the itinerary with her, it’s here.

As always click/select the photos to open lightbox. You might be lucky and find there is a caption.

If you would like to see where else Doris visited, select somewhere from this map (may not work on mobiles)

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