1985 Gloucester

952. Gloucestershire 1985 – Stow On The Wold and Bourton on the Water

Doris had visited these towns before – see here.

I’m assuming she went to stay with friends who lived nearby. Looks gorgeous.

Apart from that Mk2 Escort with the L plate. Urgh.

I had a B reg Mk3 escort which was possibly the worst car I ever bought. It must have had a smack before I bought it and was bodged up. As I stuck it in reverse one day, there was a crack and the gearbox came out and hit the floor. Patched up, the cam belt broke, which took out the valves – new engine, more money. Later I did not strap in daughter no 1 properly, braked and her car seat shot forward giving her a bump on the head (ok, my fault – 25 years later she’s fine). The car used to constantly give us small electric shocks – never worked out why. And then, heavily pregnant with daughter no 2, Mrs Wdeod miscalculated the turn into our drive and took out our wall and the front of the car.  She has not driven since that day.

If you would like to see where else Doris visited, select somewhere from this map (may not work on mobiles)

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