1981 Greenwich

734. Greenwich 1981 – Observatory and Maritime Museum

Bexley, being sparse of anything interesting, ships its school kids off to Greenwich.

The place has masses of interesting things, from the old town, to the Prime Meridian (‘now I’m in the East …. now I’m in the West….’). Queen’s House, Ranger’s House, Maritime Museum and a massive amount of 1 in 1 hills to run down. It is also connected to this.

I’ll have to go through my own photos to see if I can compliment these.

The red ball goes up at 12.45 each day and drops at exactly 1.00 Greenwich Mean Time. It could be seen from all over London and thus people were ensured and accurate time signal. On the Old Kent Road, a mile or so to the west is (was) a manikin with a bowler hat that replicates it.

If you would like to see where else Doris visited, select somewhere from this map:


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