1981 Bexley

732. Bexley 1981 – Hall Place

More from one of Bexley’s only places of interest. Slightly earlier shots are here.

I’m not sure I’ve been inside the house. It used to be a council repository so access was restricted. There’s a pub/restaurant there now, a butterfly house, exhibitions and the grounds have football pitches that stretch down nearly as far as Crayford.

The River Cray, which eventually flows into the Darenth, comes into the grounds under the A2 which unfortunately makes the gardens noisy (the road, not the river which burbles gently to itself in a sarf-Lundun accent). When my youngest was football training there, I went for a wander up to the A2/Cray crossing. The footpath uses the bridge and actually goes alongside the trunk road for a few yards before dropping down the other side of the river. To be honest I stood at where the path joined the road and watched the lorries, going at 70 a few feet away trying to get the nerve to go ahead. I then bottled it and turned back.

These are taken on different days but were all developed in September 81.

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