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650. Hong Kong and China 1979 -26. Odds

Photographs from the China 1979 tour

These photographs of Hong Kong and China are the probably not Doris’.

An aside

For those of you who have grown up in the digital age, let me patronise you with a poor explanation of analogue photography.

A camera.

A light proof box with the ability to momentarily allow light in. In 1979 these were common but apparently could not

a) connect to the internet, mainly as that had not been invented,

b) be used as a phone, which in 1979 were mostly were connected to a wall or inside a tall red street toilet and

c) could not be used to play games, unless trying to set the right aperture/focal length to suit the light conditions or trying to change the film without exposing it counts.


This came in a small tube within a box. You were supposed to keep the tube to protect the film on the way to the developers. However the tubes were like rabbits and pretty soon they would be in the odds and sods drawer containing various things that never actually came in handy. The film was light sensitive and came in different lengths that equated to the number of shots you could take. Generally for 35mm (the width) this was 36.

The process was to place the new roll of film into position at one side of the camera, grab the bit of film that poked out of the canister, pull it to a slot on the other side and wind it on a bit. That meant the first bit of film was exposed to the light, so the canny did this operation in the dark meaning you could get 37 or 38 shots from a 36 film. Or the film would not be in correctly meaning you had to open the back and end up with 30 shots.

The first shot always had one bit overexposed as light crept into the canister, the last shot was always only half a picture as the film ran out.


Once the film was full, off it would go to a developers. Doris and her friends used slide film (positives) which required a projector, darkened room and a will to go on. The non-Doris slides in her collection either have ‘Duplicate’ mounts or originals which may or may not be copies.

Ok, I’m bored now.

Hong Kong and China odds – a) Hong Kong

A couple of shots of Hong Kong which have different mounts.

China 1979 - 15 Hong Kong Man Mo Temple Black
Hong Kong 1979 – Man Mo Temple
China 1979 - 35 p194 35 Black
Probably Hong Kong 1979. It is very heavy and placed up against the french doors in case of zombie invasion.
Hong Kong and China odds – China

The last shots from the China 1979 tour are a random gathering of all the slides that obviously did not fit in with the look and feel of the previous sets.


China 1979 - 01 p308 Black
 Li Jiang River in China 1979
China 1979 - 01 Red
China 1979 … somehere
China 1979 - 06 659
Beijing Forbidden City -China 1979
China 1979 - 11 p498a none Black
China 1979 – Doris writing her journal
China 1979 - 12 p499 pen51 Black
Doris still writing her China 1979 journal. Is that beer that’s appeared?
China 1979 - 13 37 red
China 1979 – Cooking on the Li Jiang
China 1979 - 19 111 136 47
China 1979 – Li Jiang
China 1979 - 20 267
Seen this earlier. See what I mean about half a shot? taken in China 1979
China 1979 - 24 384 Kweillin
Li Jiang in China 1979
China 1979 - 27 383 Black
China 1979 – End of Li Jiang visit
China 1979 - 34 n pen66 Black
Hong Kong or China 1979 – Does not really matter – THERE IS TEA!

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