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630½. An aside – Kent 2018 – Upnor, its Castle and Temple Manor

For some reason I kept calling Upnor, Upney. If it were the District line would look a lot different.

The Castle is a fort situated on the Strood side of the Medway and its main claim to fame appears to be that, due to no finances, it failed to prevent a Dutch raid of 1667, which destroyed many ships and they even pinched some. It should be said though, through using up nearly all of its ammunition, it made them withdraw rather than make a second attempt at Chatham.

We arrived at the car park which was packed and had to park out on the road. Who would have thought a fort could be so popular? At the bottom of the car park is a path which comes out at the top of the High Street. Some the people in front of us went into the first pub, others the second. Sunday lunch and a few pints, not heritage then.

2018-05-27_115625 Sun 27 May 85
Upnor Kent 2018 – High St
2018-05-27_115725 Sun 27 May 87
Upnor Kent 2018 – High St

The castle.

Mrs WDEOD was wearing a black dress and is constantly walking out of shot.

2018-05-27_120851 Sun 27 May 99
Kent – Upnor Castle 2018
2018-05-27_120939 Sun 27 May 101
Kent – Upnor Castle 2018
2018-05-27_121201 Sun 27 May 113
Kent – Upnor Castle 2018
2018-05-27_121328 Sun 27 May 117
Kent – Upnor Castle 2018 English Heritage get additional money through keeping this gun loaded and holding Chatham to ransom.


2018-05-27_121430 Sun 27 May 123
Kent – Upnor Castle 2018
2018-05-27_121758 Sun 27 May 129
Kent – Upnor Castle 2018 and Chatham across the Medway
2018-05-27_122540 Sun 27 May 135
Kent – Upnor Castle 2018
2018-05-27_124610 Sun 27 May 147
Kent – Upnor Castle 2018. The perils of a camera where you just have to tap the touchscreen
2018-05-27_124716 Sun 27 May 152
Kent – Upnor Castle 2018 Mrs WDEOD exploring the Sallyhole. It is really small – she’s not that tall.


And then back to the car. It would be lovely to have joined him, but as I was driving …

2018-05-27_125441 Sun 27 May 162
Upnor High St 2018
2018-05-27_125528 Sun 27 May 164
Upnor High St 2018

Our English Heritage book said that Temple Manor was very close so we decided to go there too. Entering the postcode into the Sat Nav took us to a little industrial estate. Under the railway and nothing historic – apart from a reasonable view of the castle and the top of the cathedral next door.

2018-05-27_131339 Sun 27 May 166
Kent Rochester castle and Cathedral and Strood yard.

Back under the railway and up a bit further, among the industrial units was Temple Manor. Not really that much there but photos inside show how much restoration has gone on – it was a roofless derelict.

You’ll see the same family as in Upnor had got there first.

2018-05-27_131603 Sun 27 May 170
Kent – Temple Manor 2018

The day after I took this, Homes Under The Hammer arrived, painted the walls ‘Builder’s Beige’ and stuck a brown carpet down. Makes a great children’s room or maybe a study.

2018-05-27_132319 Sun 27 May 186
Kent – Temple Manor 2018
2018-05-27_133017 Sun 27 May 190
Kent – Temple Manor 2018

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