1979 Hong Kong

625. Hong Kong 1979 – 1. 01-13

Doris spent the end of the decade in the Far East. There is no itinerary, but she did write a couple of notebooks and there are a couple of leaflets.

I’m finding the notebooks a little heavy going. I thought I’d read through them to get an idea where she went, but firstly the Chinese names are romantised (as in English names such as Peking, not the now more familiar Beijing etc. being used – nothing to do with a love lorn prince [don’t make the prints pun Chris, these are slides]) and secondly often there are spaces where the names should be!

The slides are numbered and as the sequence jumps between sets and also as Doris is in some shots I think we have Vera’s and possibly another travelling companion’s slides.

Here we go then with Hong Kong – which Doris had visited before in 1968 and 1977 (and probably other times too).

For the Hong Kong / China slides I’m upping the schedule to two posts a day.

Hong Kong 1979
09 01
Hong Kong 1979 – View from The Peak
10 02
Hong Kong 1979
11 03 Hong Kong Findlay Rd
Hong Kong 1979 – Findlay Road
12 05
Hong Kong 1979
13 04
Hong Kong 1979
14 06
Hong Kong 1979
15 07
Hong Kong 1979
16 08
Hong Kong 1979
17 09
Hong Kong 1979
18 10
Hong Kong 1979
Hong Kong 1979
21 13
Hong Kong 1979

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