1978 Thailand

562. Thailand 1978 – Chiang Mai

From the itinerary

MONDAY [27/02]


At 7. OO am you commence your drive via Chiang Dao, where a short stop is

made for drinks and a walk around the local market, to Fang where another short

stop is made at the Immigration Office for Passport clearance. Continue to

Thathorn, a small village just a few kilometres from the Burmese border where

you transfer to original motor boats for the 6 hour journey down the Kok Riven,

passing tiny hilltribe villages, bamboo huts and jungle. A picnic lunch is taken

on the way. The first stop is made at the village of Mae Salah, a local marketing

centre where Lahu, Akha and Yao Hilltribes arrive with their pony and mule

caravans. The next stop is made at a most original Lahu (Muser) Village.

Further down the river, after passing a few rapids, visit another Hilltribe village

and the sulphureous hot springs nearby. The last stop before arriving at Chiang

Rai is made at a cave housing many sacred statues of Lord Buddha. On arrival

in the early evening at Chiang Rai you will be transferred by foot-pedalled

rickshaws to the Wiang Inn Hotel for dinner and overnight accommodation.

Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
07 a
Thailand 1978
08 a
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
15 Wat Duang Di
Thailand 1978 – Wat Duang Di
16 Wat Arjn
Thailand 1978
18 k
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
22 k 165 loading turnip truck
Thailand 1978 – loading turnip truck
23 k 157 blacksmith
Thailand 1978
24k 156
Thailand 1978
Thailand 1978
26 k 162 Mon mother and children
Thailand 1978
27 k 158
Thailand 1978
28 k 160
Thailand 1978

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