1978 Thailand

553. Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai

Third roll for the day – unfortunately most actual Pinai ones were too dark.


“WEDNESDAY – 22nd February


Your air Conditioned bus will collect you early from your Hotel for the journey

to Korat where lunch is taken at the Chomsunang Hotel. En Route you stop at

the village of Daan Kwien which is famous for its beautiful celadonwane. In the

afternoon, continue to Pimai where you visit the Open Air Museum and the

magnificent Khmer Temples, the “Angkor Wat of Thailand”, supposedly built

by King Jayavanman VI in the 1 1th Century. A visit is also made to the

gigantic Banyan tree before proceeding to the Khao Yar Motor Lodge for dinner

and overnight accommodation. In the evening you will have the opportunity to

join an excursion by truck for a “Night Wildlife Safari”. This optional

excursion is not included in your tour price.”

04 Pimea
Thailand 1978 – Pimai
05 Pimai
Thailand 1978 – Pimai
06c Set C Pimai
Thailand 1978 – Pimai
08 Pimai (Chai)
Thailand 1978 – Pimai


“THURSDAY – [23RD Feb]


After an early breakfast you will be taken to see the Onchid Waterfalls and Krong

Keo Waterfalls with their original bamboo suspension bridges. Lunch is taken at a

local restaurant at Sara Buri before the stop at Phra Buddha Badh with its shrine

of the Holy Footprint of Lord Buddha. Your tour continues to Lopbuni where visits

are made to the Museum at the Narai Rata Nives Palace, the Prang Sam Yod

(Sacred three spired pagoda), the ruins of the Wat Phra Sri Ratana Maha Dhat

and the Monkey Temple. Dinner is provided before boarding the second class

express train for the 4 hour journey to Pitsanuloke where you arrive shortly

before midnight. Transfer to the Amarintr Nakorn Hotel for overnight


10 (Chai Yai)
Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai
13 Chai Yai
Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai
14 Chai Yai
Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai
19 Chai Yai
Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai
20 Chai Yai
Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai
21 Chai Yai
Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai
23 Chai Yai
Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai
25 Chai Yai
Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai
28 Khai Yai Wat Teppitakpunnaram
Thailand 1978 – Khao Yai Wat Teppitakpunnaram
31 Saraburi
Thailand 1978 – Saraburi
32 Saraburi
Thailand 1978 – Saraburi
33 Saraburi
Thailand 1978 – Saraburi
34d Saraburi
Thailand 1978 – Saraburi
35 Saraburi Phra Buddha Badle
Thailand 1978 – Saraburi Phra Buddha Badle
36d Saraburi
Thailand 1978 – Saraburi
37c Set C 67 Saraburi
Thailand 1978 – Saraburi


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