1976 Worcestershire

499. Worcestershire 1976 – Bewdley

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After her US trip, Doris must have taken the coach up to Bewdley in Worcestershire. The slides did not show the location so an enjoyable hour was spent by Chris finding it for you.

The pictures get a little dark (literally not metaphorically), they’re in order so I guess they are taken over a couple of days. I wouldn’t want to be in the Nimble Balloon in a storm.

Worcestershire 1976 – Bewdley
26 Bewdley, Worcestershire
Worcestershire 1976 – Bewdley
27 Bewdley, Worcestershire
Worcestershire 1976 – Bewdley
Worcestershire 1976
Worcestershire 1976 –
32 Wolverley
Worcestershire 1976 – Wolverley

I scanned these shots last year with the new scanner. That’s how I’ve managed to put all of the 1976 slides up so quickly – just a quick bit of sorting into rolls and straightening then posting. At the same sort of time as I scanned them, I was watching BBC Two’s ‘Close to the Enemy’ which used this place for some of the scenes with Alfred Molina, which was coincidental.

Worcestershire 1976 – Witley Court
34 Witley Court
Worcestershire 1976 – Witley Court
35 Witley Court
Worcestershire 1976 – Witley Court

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