1975 London

439. London 1975

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Some shots from the West End and then a Tall Ship at Tower Bridge.

I’ve no idea if the same buildings are there now as it is just one giant hoarding.

London 1975 – Piccadily Circus

Up Regent’s Street a little way to Liberty

London 1975 – Liberty

A quick search tells me these next two are of the ARA Libertad Q2, an Argentinian training ship. The shot was taken during the August 1975 Festival of Sail at London Pool.

London 1975 – Tower Bridge
London 1975 – Tower Bridge
London 1975 – Tower Bridge
London 1975 – Tower Bridge

The big ship is HMS Belfast. The hole off its port side is probably Southwark Crown Court. I did jury service there and I think some guns were pointing straight at us whilst we waited to get called.

London 1975 – Tower Bridge

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