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430. Sri Lanka 1975 – Kandy, Perideniya and Temples


Welcome to WDEOD, a site full of Doris’ photographs! These ones are of the Sri Lankan city of Kandy.

The site’s s purpose is to share the shots she took in her 50+ years of travel. I’m trying to do a post a film – so one tour may have many posts.
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This is a city on a plateau surrounded by mountains that is famed for its temples such as Sri Dalada Maligawa. Doris Shipway, the photographer, visited there in 1975 and took pictures that capture the day to day life of the place and its people.

Doris was not university educated. She just had an enthusiasm for places and people – and flora. There must be hundreds of pictures of flowers, blossoms and gardens. Mostly I have not included them in any post but here is one from the botanical gardens of Perideniya, outside Kandy.

Kandy - 05 Sri Lanka 1975 89 227 Perideniya

Doris also took many pictures of markets which often show people at their best – as they are. I am always impressed with the displays. Hopefully there is stock rotation!

Kandy - 07 Sri Lanka 1975 229 Kandy
Kandy Grocers
Kandy - 08 Sri Lanka 1975 230 Kandy
Kandy Butchers
Kandy - 09 Sri Lanka 1975 231 Kandy
Rainy Kandy
Kandy - 10 Sri Lanka 1975 232 76 Kandy
Lake Kandy and the B519
Kandy - 11 Sri Lanka 1975 233 Kandy
Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth) from above Sangaraji mawatha
Kandy - 12 Sri Lanka 1975 234 79 Kandy Temple of the Tooth
A pinker Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth) than today
Kandy - 13 Sri Lanka 1975 235
Bath Place of Queens – Looks like the upper shuttering is no longer there
Kandy - 14 Sri Lanka 1975 236 Kandy
Kandy – Temple of the Tooth
Kandy - 15 Sri Lanka 1975 237 Kandy
From Sri Dalada Maligawa
Kandy - 16 Sri Lanka 1975 238
Along the lake to the east is the National Museum, Kandy
Lake Kandy (again)

Hmm, I may have inserted some slides from another set unless they came back from the Elephants to the Temples again.

Never mind it gives us a chance to see the Sri Dalada Maligawa again.

Kandy - 31 Sri Lanka 1975 260 Kandy
Sri Dalada Maligawa
Kandy - 32 Sri Lanka 1975 261 Kandy
Kandy - 33 Sri Lanka 1975 262 Kandy
Kandy - 34 Sri Lanka 1975 262 Kandy Temple
From the other side of lake Kandy
Kandy - 35 Sri Lanka 1975 264 Kandy
Kandy - 36 Sri Lanka 1975 265 77 Kandy
Probably not  Kandy

The tour then visited some Elephants. I’ve put in other posts about my daughter’s (actually now both daughters) desire to volunteer in an elephant sanctuary. The world has realised that the treatment of animals can be cruel, but on the other hand, people have to live. I’ll leave it to everyone to make up their own opinion, I just these were treated humanely and with love.

Kandy - 18 Sri Lanka 1975 239
Why do Elephants have Big Ears?[1]
Kandy - 19 Sri Lanka 1975 86 240
Sri Lanka 1975
Kandy - 20 Sri Lanka 1975 241
Outside Kandy
Kandy - 21 Sri Lanka 1975 242
Kandy - 23 Sri Lanka 1975 244 80
Sri Lanka 1975 – Kandy


Snakes, in common with many other animals have evolved elaborate methods of distribution. Here we can see one that has climbed upon a human in the hope that it is going into town where the food and dancing is. His favourite type of music is not from the Pungi but Italian prog rock which was very popular at the time.

You may think I’m writing this rubbish as my SEO monitor is telling me to add more content – and you would be right.

Kandy - 25 Sri Lanka 1975 246 81
Sri Lanka

Doris, like most of us used the romanised name for the country, Ceylon, in the 70s.

Ceylon is an anglicised version of the Portuguese Cerentivu. Originally the British colony did not include Kandy, but later it was incorporated.

In 1972 it became a republic and took on the name of Sri Lanka as proven by …

Kandy - 27 Sri Lanka 1975 249
Sri Lanka

[1]  Because Noddy won’t pay the ransom (joke contemporary with post)

Mystery post

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