1974 East Sussex

394. East Sussex – Polegate

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Its purpose is to share the shots she took in her 50+ years of travel. I’m trying to do a post a film – so one tour may have many posts.
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Most of this roll was of geese in St James. Apart from this one of Ovenden’s Mill in Polegate.

The picture is dated MAY74 and I guess the picture was in that month, or April.

It had been derelict since the ’40s and was restored to how you see it in 1965. About two months after this photo, one of the stocks (the things that hold the sails) broke taking a sail out with it. That was fixed in 1976 and since then there has been more restoration. I’ll probably drive down there this summer and try to stand in the same place as Doris did. However I feel the hedge maybe taller and I might need to borrow a chain saw.

26 Polegate windmill

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