1972 Indonesia

335. Indonesia 1972 – Jakarta

Hello – Welcome to WDEOD, a site full of Doris’ photographs!

Its purpose is to share the shots she took in her 50+ years of travel. I’m trying to do a post a film – so one tour may have many posts.
To see what I’ve put up so far, use the menu (three lines up there ↑ if you are on a phone or tablet) to go to a place or a year.

These are the photos that carry on from Singapore. Doris numbered the slides, but unfortunately there seems to be a great deal of duplication. Plus some sets were  developed in October, others November which meant I had to spread the slides over the kitchen counters to try to understand the sequence – not really a good idea when people were cooking dinner. Apologies for the odd splash of fat!

These four are from Jakarta. I have my grandfather’s passport which was issued in Batavia, I think, now Jakata. One of the sites I follow (historianruby.wordpress.com) has a family history section. A few years ago I had a big FH site – maybe I’ll do it again after the last slides are posted.

35 Indonesia Jakata 1972 04
Indonesia 1972 – Jakata
36 Indonesia Jakata 1972 05
Indonesia 1972 – Jakata (what is that at the back guy doing?)
37 Indonesia Jakata 1972 06
Indonesia 1972 – Jakata
37 Indonesia Jakata 1972 11
Indonesia 1972 – Jakata


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