1971 Peru

298. Peru 1971 – 10. Yagua People

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According to Wiki, the Yagua people are an indigenous people who live in NE Peru / Columbia.As the first picture in the set is aerial, I guess the party flew up there from Puno.

There are about 6,000 Yagua today spread over a wide area of the Amazon basin. The language shows close contact with the Incas and many only speak Yagua, others are bilingual with Spanish.

03 Peru 1971 Yagua 156 Black
Peru 1971 – Amazonia
31 f 162 Amazon
Peru 1971 – Yagua People

Some a little blurred by the way.

09 Peru 1971 Yagua 165 Yagua Black
Peru 1971 – Yagua People
13 Peru 1971 Yagua 169 Black
Peru 1971 – Yagua People
14 Peru 1971 Yagua 168 Black
Peru 1971 – Yagua People

Here is a demonstration of blowpipes. The Peruvian government allow then to use tourists for target practise, something no one told the guy in white.

20 Peru 1971 Yagua 166 Yagua indians Black
Peru 1971 – Yagua People
20 Peru 1971 Yagua 170 Yaqua Black
Peru 1971 – Yagua People with tapioca
24 Peru 1971 Yagua 163 Black
Peru 1971 – Yagua People
25 Peru 1971 Yagua 164 Yagua woman with manlog Black
Peru 1971 – Yagua People – preparing tapioca from manihot (cassava)

Not happy

26 Peru 1971 Yagua 167 Black
Peru 1971 – Yagua People


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