1968 London

222. Eltham 1968 – Around, but not of Eltham Palace

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Eltham Palace is only a 132 bus ride away. Doris took two photos of the lovely houses (still there) in Court Yard and then one of the bridge over the moat – and nothing else.

Perhaps in 1968 she couldn’t get in to the place as the British Army occupied the buildings as a training school with no public admittance.

You can get in now, it is run by English Heritage.

If ever you are in this neck of the woods, visit it. It is a curious mix of medieval (later on Henry VIII grew up there) and Art Deco. The entrance room has a stunning ceiling which I’ve seen used in quite a few films and videos. The weird part is that you step through a door from the 1930s Art Deco of the Courtaulds straight into the ancient great hall. Bit of a culture shock.

29 London 1968 Eltham Court Yard
Eltham Court Yard 1968
30 London 1968 Eltham Court Yard
Eltham Court Yard 1968
31 London 1968 Eltham Palace
Eltham Palace bridge 1968


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