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165. My personal favourites (so far)


Hello – Welcome to WDEOD, a site full of Doris’ photographs!

Its purpose is to share the shots she took in her 50+ years of travel. I’m trying to do a post a film – so one tour may have many posts.
To see what I’ve put up so far, use the menu (three lines up there ↑ if you are on a phone or tablet) to go to a place or a year.

I have collected here a slideshow of twenty of my favourites and then, below that my reasoning by way of explanation. All have previously been posted (apart from this post’s ‘featured’) – somewhere on my site!

I hope you enjoy them.



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These pictures could probably do with some judicial cropping, but I’ve chosen to give as much information rather than to always employ the ‘rule of thirds’ etc.

Mexico City March 1965

Three women, one shoeless looking one way. In the background with hands identically unfortunately placed, three men looking the opposite way.

Links to the entire 1964 North America tour are here.

30 Mexico 1965a
Mexico 1965 – Mexico City

Delphi in Greece

The two guys at the back look like minders (slang for bodyguards). My wife and I do enjoy visiting these same types of sites (my wife has qualifications in Archaeology, and I drive) but if we accidentally include a fellow visitor, they tend to be dressed in T-shirt and shorts, not something formal.

Links to other Greek posts are here.

05 Greece or Greek Islands 1967 Delphi u140

Iraq 1963

I assume they are related. And have seen all they want to see.

Links to the entire 1963 Levant tour are here.

22 1964 Iraq
1963 Iraq Ziggarat Aga Kuf

Damascus 1963

This is not actually one of Doris’ but appears to have been sent to her by a travelling companion. Its not the veil itself that is remarkable – you’ll see most people here, male and female have their heads covered, but the juxtaposition between traditional and modern dress. The boy appears to be protecting the girl, and the mother (governess? – she has that Miss Trunchbull look?) is protecting the both of them. They also look concerned / frightened. And all these things go on in my mind – when probably they are just annoyed that someone is taking their picture.

Links to the entire 1963 Levant tour are here.

Syria Damascus The Veil
Syria Damascus The Veil

Palmyra 1963

Doris died aged 96, unmarried, without close relatives but with many friends. Her neighbour for many years was also her executor. She called us to arrange for the collection of slides which were piled up in boxes in the front room. I noticed some odd ones scatter next to a chair and picked them up. One said ‘Aleppo – Beehive houses’ which put the final seal on what I wanted to do with the slides as at the time, the Syrian Civil War was in full rage and the news was full of stories of the destruction of heritage sites. Like this one.

Links to the entire 1963 Levant tour are here.

14 Syria Palmyra Shows tracks to aid restoration
Palmyra Shows tracks to aid restoration

Exeter 1970

Carrying on from above, when we got the slides back we approached various organisations seeing if they wanted them. I think I scanned the 1985 Galapagos set as low res jpegs – but no interest. I then took myself to task to get the slides into chronological order and scan the better ones. My scanner (a Canon 7200) died at the start of last year and I got a new one (a Canon 9000) for my birthday in March. The scans from #2 are so much better that everything is being scanned again! I decided to do the website in November and work my way forward from the oldest, starting with some Lantern Slides from the 1950s. At time of writing I’ve just added Mexico March 1965 and am working on Portugal September 1965.

So this one of Exeter is a) not a new scan and b) premature.

The reason for adding it is that my youngest had job interviews in the West Country and we took a mini-holiday. To keep me interested I put some of the photos on my wife’s iPad and our task was to try to restage them.

1970 06 31 Exeter
1970 06 Exeter


E & R Exeter May 2017

As you can see, the council had removed the seat, so it did not quite work.

Siena 1957

Doris must have chanced on a practice for the flag display.

Links to the Italian trip posts are here.

13 Italy 1957 - Flags Sienna
Italy 1957 – Flags Sienna


Not a happy chappy.

Links to other Greek posts are here.

32 Greece or Greek Islands 1967 Athens u150
Greece 1967

Calabria 1961

There were a wadge of undated photographs of Italy. From journals and a solitary odd slide of Etna with “61” printed on it I think I have pictures of the 1957 and 1961 trips correctly separated. The Calabria and Sicily pictures seem to be this site’s most popular.

Links to other Italian posts are here.

07 Italy 1961 Sicily Calabria
1961 Calabria

Taormina 1961

Same trip.

One of my favourites. Reminds me a little of the Cure ‘Staring at the Sea’ compilation cover (although the couple, who to be honest look as if they have just crashed rather than have prepared for a day’s sunbathing, are facing the wrong way).

Links to other Italian posts are here.

11 Italy 1961 Sicily Taormina
1961 Sicily Taormina

Vienna 1959

I could well be mistaken, but this looks like the White Horses from the Spanish Riding School. Taken in 1959 the piles of rubble could be remaining bomb damage from WW2. I keep thinking the main horse is moving!

Links to other Austrian posts… have not be made – you’ll have to use the search function on the menu page!

12 Austria 1959 Vienna
Austria 1959 Vienna

Switzerland 1960

Trying to sort out the Swiss trip of 1960 was (is?) a nightmare. I think Doris must have inherited her friend’s slides and incorporated them. There are no printed dates on the slides and at least two handwritten sequences, neither of which tie in with the printed numbering.

Links to other Swiss posts are here.

18 Switzerland 1960 Berne
Switzerland 1960 Berne

Ludlow 1961

The town looks the same today. In fact that shop, Boden’s still trades there. The woman in uniform, dead centre is a policewoman. It reminds me of Joyce Grenfell in ‘Carry On Constable’

The rest of the post is here.

08 Ludlow 1961Broad St Ludlow
1961 Broad St Ludlow

Turkey 1971

The Turkey trip slides were especially annoying. Plastic slides, no date, no numbering apart from biro’d ones and precious little indication of where and when.

Still, some nice shots of a beautiful country.


Turkey possibly 1971 303
Turkey 1971

Norway 1958

The rest of the post where Doris went up from Bergen to Hammerfest and back is here.

38 Norway 1958 05_06 8
Norway 1958

Egypt – Abu Simbel 1962

With the creation of Lake Nassar through building a dam, there was a chance that ancient sites would be literally inundated. There was a consequent boom in tourist trips. A couple of years after Doris’ trip, the whole complex was shifted backwards and upwards out of the reach of the water.

Here we have an artisan preparing one of the statues for the move.

Egypt 1962 – An Illustrated Talk and its prequel Libya 1962 – ‘An illustrated talk’ took me ages to write!

04z P95 b4 Egypt 1962 Abu Simbel 114 Artisans working on Statues
Egypt 1962 Abu Simbel 114 Artisans working on Statues

London – St Pauls

… an a bubble car!

05 London1957 - 1963 City St Pauls
London1957 – 1963 City St Pauls

East Africa – odd slide, no date

I went through one set of ‘safari’ slides and they were boring – mostly due to the camera not being right for the occasion. The animals were too far away or blurred. I think this is from a later set where she had upgrades the camera.

AS East Africa Unknown date - AGU 2
AS East Africa Unknown date

I really have no idea what is going on here!

No number 230b_wp

Damascus Airport 1964

I did try to straighten this, but then realised the pun was lost. This has also had heavy use of the scanner’s ‘dust and scratches’ setting which pre-scans in infrared and thus can subtract anything on, not of, the slide. I therefore believe that to be a dragon, wings swept down, between the middle tanks.

Links to the entire 1963 Levant tour are here.

10 Arms in Damascus Airport
Arms in Damascus Airport (geddit?)


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