152. Other Stuff 28/12/2017

I am currently re-scanning Doris’ North America (ok, mainly Mexico) trip of 1965 but thought I would post some fluff to amuse myself.

So, what was the first song I really liked?

Born in ’62 (that’s a fact, not a song) my memories start in the late 60s.

What I recall:

  • In my Dad’s car. No car radio in those days, he has a transistor radio held by rubber bands onto the sun visor. He told us to ‘listen to this’ and tuned to Radio London. There was just an electronic tone. The Marine, etc., Broadcasting (Offences) Act (1967) had come into effect in August 1967 when I was 5. We had obviously been listening to it, but I have no recall as to what.
  • I remember buying ‘Everybody Get Together’ by the Dave Clark 5 in Bexleyheath (the guy behind the counter thought I wanted Canned Heat’s ‘Let’s work Together’ and was most disappointed that the very young me had no taste)
  • I also remember going to a shop in Erith which had a big spiral staircase down where I bought Hotlegs’ ‘Neanderthal Man’ (now worth a fortune – but thrown long ago)
  • Finally, my Dad, who was an electrician, worked away for a little time. During the week he stayed above a pub and would bring back the records that were no longer wanted on the juke box. Just thinking of it, I can see Simon & Garfunkels’ Baby Driver, The Kinks’ Lola and Good Morning Starshine before me.


  • The best thing he brought back however was a kitten. The pub was in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and the owners had just lost a cat to the A1, which ran outside (as had the cat). Two people gave the landlord a kitten each. The landlord like Siamese cats and the other cat, a tabby, was not wanted. My dad said he’ll have him, put him in a box and drove home. The cat stayed in the box for the first few miles, escaped and then wandered around the car, in and around the pedals with my dad trying to fish him out from between the pedals in case he had to brake (one hand on the steering wheel, the other in the foot well). Finally the kitten fell asleep on his lap until home where he came in and fell asleep on the stairs. We had him for years.
  • So back to the music. The best first record – definitely Desmond Dekker’s Israelites
  • Here is Pickles. a 70’s carpet and fire. Super fat cat – died when I was doing my O levels although I can’t blame him for some of my appalling results!


  • a1
    Pickles – super fat cat



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