144. Other Stuff – Realise – Something Good CD single

The room in which I seem to spend all my time needed to be tidied for the Christmas meal.

Therefore the slides had to be put back in their cases, the cases in the boxes and the boxes in the wardrobe upstairs.

The September 1964 Somerset slides will have to wait.

In the meanwhile I’ll tell you about one of my CDs – “Something Good” by Realise.

Or rather I’ll tell you about my efforts to try and find out something, anything about it.

Here it is:

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First of all why did I want to know? The answer is that I was adding my CDs to an online database of music which, as I got fed up with, I won’t name.

As they did not have the CD, band or record label on the database, I was to add these before adding the release.

So, who are the band – No idea

Ok then, when was it released – Still no idea (there is a joke along these lines)

Fine, what about the record company – Please refer to previous answers.

An internet search gives a Discogs page (where currently three are for sale, from £1.99) and a few eBay listings. Nothing else.

S.E. Records, or SE Records – I’m assuming SE stands for South East, which ties in with the address at the bottom of the cover – “The Engine House, Unit 103, Greenwich Commercial Centre, 49 Greenwich High Road, London 8JI”

The postcode is wrong – it should be SE10 8JL

At time of writing, 49 Greenwich High Road is occupied by luxury apartments – the Commercial Centre must have been torn down a few years ago.

Companies House does not list them – they must have been a short term affair.

No matter – there is a Further Information contact

92 Bowes Road, London, N13 4NP

And another brick wall. The address is actually right on the North Circular Road which is a busy Ring Road across North London. It is no more. Google Streetmaps do a nice thing where they show all photos of the same location if they have them. I suspect that when the CD was released, 92 Bowes Road was the Victorian/Edwardian house that was torn down to make more luxury apartments. Perhaps the band could do a song about it. Steal from Billy Connolly and call it “Where Are They Going to Put the Blue Plaque Now?”

There’s a phone number. I’ve redacted it, as when, in a futile attempt to find out something, I rang it. The guy who answered told me he had had the number for 30 years or so and did not know anything about the band, the CD etc.

For British area code fans 01366 is Market Downham, a town up in Suffolk. I must have therefore been the first person who had ever rung for more information!

Names. Ian Richardson. Nope – cannot find. Andy le Vien – SUCCESS! He runs RMS Studios in South Norwood, London. Something to prove the CD is not some bizarre hoax.

Anything else? Oh the music

Something Good (Realise) – produced by Ian Richardson @ Think

Time of Your Life (Munro/Realise) – Recorded by Andy Le Vien @ RMS

Running out of Time (Munro/Realise) – Recorded by Andy Le Vien @ RMS

Of the three, Something Good, gets played mainly for the chorus where she reminds me a little of Catonia’s Road Rage mixed with Also Eden’s ‘Oversight’/’Greater Game’ main tune with a little of Stereophonics ‘Mr Writer’ and possibly some ‘Jupiter and Teardrop’ by Grant Lee Buffalo. But that could just be me.





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