1964 Kent

142. Kent 1964 – Westerham (and not)

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Westerham is famous for General Wolfe and Churchill’s house, Chartwell.

For some reason Doris just took photos around Pitts House. The antiques shop is now a private house has gone but everything looks much the same fifty and more years on.

Update 28/05/2018. I had dropped my wife off digging (she’s an archeologist, not a builder) and decided to come back home via Westerham. A future post will hopefully be made when I’ve steeled myself to go self-hosted and got a slide comparison plugin.

I met some lovely people who were clearing the Long Pond (the head for a long gone mill) and one of the team, Stuart, told me these were of Westerham …

19 Westerham Goodley Stock Road
Westerham Goodley Stock Road
20 - 345 High St
High St Westerham – The Tudor House
21 - 99 High St Westerham
High St Westerham. Maybe the antiques shop that Lennon bought the poster that inspired ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite’  (but probably not)
22 - 99 High St Westerham
High St Westerham – The Forge (next door)
23 - 345 High St Pitts Cottage Westerham
Pitts Cottage – High St Westerham

… but these were not …

1964 possibly Kent
1964 possibly Kent
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1964 possibly Kent
1964 possibly Kent

I did not think this is the Westerham church. Its probably somewhere in Kent. Or somewhere else – one of the two.

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