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126. Levant 1963 – Appendix: Photos taken by a fellow traveller

Hello – Welcome to WDEOD, a site full of Doris’ photographs!

Its purpose is to share the shots she took in her 50+ years of travel. I’m trying to do a post a film – so one tour may have many posts.
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For more slides from this trip go to here.

These are from one of Doris’ travelling companions. Having seen these, it is apparent that Doris made good choices when it came to cameras. Aside from the odd blurry one most of her shots had good focus. The only disappointment for me was the East African Safari (1973?) where many of the shots were poor. Perhaps it was the zoom and she should have gone equipped with a telephoto lens.

Please note that although there were border and boundary changes in this area in 1967 and 1995, these photos reflect jurisdiction in 1963.

Anyway, these are the photos…

Here are her photographs. Either scroll down the page to see the pictures or click on one to open lightbox and use its functions.

Gallery 1 – Lebanon

Gallery 2 – Jordan

Gallery 3 – Syria

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Doris has photos from 71 out of 217 countries. That is 32.72%.

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