1970s Devon

108. Exeter Cathedral leaflet plus some recreations.

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The Cathedral is one to visit. The guides were really friendly and informative and the place beautiful. When we were there, a large art installation was across the Nave which was basically a huge musical instrument. Hope it is still there as it was great fun to play and to watch other people either tentatively strumming it or, as with some kids, sticking themselves through the strings and running from end to end.

Here is something from more conservative times…

P01 Exeter
P02 P03 Exeter
2 3
P04 P05 Exeter
4 5
P06 P07 Exeter
6 7
P08 P09 Exeter
8 9
P10 P11 Exeter
10 11
P12 P13 Exeter
12 13
P14 P15 Exeter
14 15

In 1970 Doris must have visited the City again (or maybe she bought this old leaflet then!). I need to rescan the slides but for now I’ll just add one that I like.

1970 06 Exeter
1970 06 Exeter

When we went there in May 2017 we tried to recreate the shot

Unfortunately they had removed the seat so my youngests tried their best

E & R exeter

At that point my camera battery dies and I went back to the car to get replacements. As I got to the spot, this couple, him sporting a big beard, unfortunately she without a hat were passing and I persuaded them to pose.

2017_0519_111231 crop
Two nice people Exeter


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