1950s Surrey

102. Surrey – Godalming

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Godalming is a lovely town directly south of London. It still looks similar to these:

11 England Surrey
Initially looks boring until you clock the car
12 England Surrey
Surrey Godalming Late 1950s
14 England Surrey Godalming
Casing the joint

These next three were taken minutes after each other, but I guess something went wrong with the exposure as I spent ages trying to get the second and third pictures visible. They are of The Refectory, which is still going.

15 England Surrey Goldalming The Refectory
Goldalming The Refectory
16 England Surrey Goldalming The Refectory
Goldalming The Refectory
17 England Surrey
Goldalming The Refectory
18 England Surrey Godalming Crown Court
Godalming Crown Court. I love the three-wheeler through the arch.

These are the Ford’s Building from 1801 at 130 Ockford Road. It took me a little while to find then now on Google maps as a huge poplar tree now stands where the house dead centre previously stood.  If you do a search for britishlistedbuildings and Ford’s Buildings, there is more info including the fact they were altered in 1970. They are Grade II listed now.

19 England Surrey Ockford Rd Goldalming
Ockford Rd Goldalming
20 England Surrey
Surrey Godalming Late 1950s

They really look up to no good.

21 England Surrey Goldalming
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