1960 Switzerland

93. Switzerland 1960 – Arosa

A few pictures from 1960 of Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland.

The purpose of these posts is to share photographs taken by Doris Shipway in her 50+ years of travel. She visited Switzerland in 1960 with Dessie, a travelling companion, in 1960 and took the train to various places including here in Arosa.

I’m trying to do a post a film – so one tour may have many posts.

For more of their tour, look at Switzerland tour links – There are 12 other posts.

As Doris features in these posts I assume that her companion Dessie took them.

Photographs of Arosa, Switzerland 1960

The sign is just below the scanner’s ability to define words clearly, but by squinting I believe it points to the Aroser Weisshorn. Maybe the cable car. I have looked on Google maps to see if I could pinpoint exactly where she was snowball chucking, by seeing where they fly the flag now. Perhaps it hangs off the mobile phone tower.

14 Switzerland 1960 Arosa
Switzerland 1960 Arosa
15 Switzerland 1960
Switzerland 1960
17 Switzerland 1960 ch2 8 Arosa
Switzerland 1960 Arosa. Children on the scree, hundred foot drop – what could possibly go wrong?

Again I had trouble identifying the restuarant. Probably it has been torn down and replaced. That may be Arosa town in the valley floor.

18 Switzerland 1960 Arosa light
Switzerland 1960 Arosa
34 Switzerland 1960 102
Switzerland 1960

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