1971 Turkey

39. Turkey 1971 – Istanbul

Hello – Welcome to WDEOD, a site full of Doris’ photographs!

Its purpose is to share the shots she took in her 50+ years of travel. I’m trying to do a post a film – so one tour may have many posts.
To see what I’ve put up so far, use the menu (three lines up there ↑ if you are on a phone or tablet) to go to a place or a year.

The slides from Doris’ trip to Southern Turkey have FujiFilm mounts (white front, grey reverse) and no dates or numbering system.

I think they were interspersed with other slides from Turkey, or had been mis-filed.

Doris had written numbers on many, but confusingly often a second or third sequence. The numbering often bore no relation to each other. I guess she knew how she wanted to show the slides, but I cannot fathom it.

Because of the volume I’ve simply split the set over five posts.

Update March 2019. The original post was made November 2017 when I was conscious of space and also was not sure what I wanted from the site. Two years on, I’ve no space issues and basically unless the shot was badly blurred or abhorrent in it goes!

Here are her photographs. Either scroll down the page to see the pictures or click on one to open lightbox and use its functions.

If you would like to see where Doris visited, select somewhere from this map or use the Category drop down

Doris has photos from 71 out of 217 countries. That is 32.72%.

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