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54. Greece 1962 – Athens

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Athens.  Who has not thrilled to hear its name, let alone to stand on its soil.  The bus took us from the airfield, along the coast to Peraeus, where we saw a little of this great post, then turning land words we sped through a modern thoroughfare.  Just when I had given up hopes of seeing any of the antiquities before arriving at a hotel, eyesore on my right, that all gracious columns of the temple of Jupiter and immediately afterwards on the left, saw the great golden cliff bearing the Acropolis.  Just a brief look, before we were born on, past the green park and square of constitution square.

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Then our coach turned left and took us along the road where the university buildings were situated.  Near Onion (?) Square it stopped and we found that a hotel was in a central position just off the busy main road.

(the journal stops here – here are some pictures from the rest of the Rhodes film. Some appear in other posts)

Here are her Athens photographs. Either scroll down the page to see the pictures or click on one to open lightbox and use its functions.

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