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15. Tunisia 1976 – Odds

AS-Tunisia 1976 06 3a Bardo Gdns
Tunisia 1976 Bardo Gardens
AS-Tunisia 1976 06 route
Tunisia 1976 Route
Tunisia 1976 Monastir poss
Tunisia 1976 Sousse
Tunisia 1976 Monastir poss 2
Tunisia 1976
Tunisia 1976 None vii
Tunisia 1976
Poss Tunisia 1
Tunisia 1976 Sousse Ribat

Here are two picures from when my wife and I visited Tunisia in 1989.

Tunisia October 1989 – Sousse Ribat (picture CAM)

Almost an identical picture to the one a few above. My wife is the person by the centre tower. Being pregnant she refused point blank to climb to the top too.

Tunisia October 1989 – Sousse Ribat (picture CAM)

If you would like to see where else Doris visited, select somewhere from this map (may not work on mobiles)

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