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21. London 1960s

Hello – Welcome to WDEOD, a site full of Doris’ photographs!

Its purpose is to share the shots she took in her 50+ years of travel. I’m trying to do a post a film – so one tour may have many posts.
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This post is the odd, one or two photos that often were on the end of the film after a trip. Most will be West End, Westminster or the South Bank. There are various dates, seasons etc.

An odd slide from the end of the 1965 portugal trip. That looks like Victoria Embankment by the Temple. 158 Bishopsgate is still a restuarant, but not ‘Two Hoots’. This type of bus, an LGOC B-Type is Route 16 and would proably be early 1920s as its number plate looks like 12864. The reg on the bonnet looks like H494. I would imagine that as it had already lasted 40 years from build to hospitality use, it might still be around in a collection somewhere. There’s some other vintage (or are they veteran?) cars, so this might have been the start of the London – Brighton rally.
04 London 1950s or 1960s Christmas
This shot was taken on Regent Street looking towards Piccadilly Circus, one Christmas in the early 60s. Immediately in towards the adverts, next to Saxone is the north part of Air St. The south must be next to the Irish Tourist Office (which now might be Barbour’s).
05 London - Princess Margaret
A blurred Princess Margaret. The policeman’s helmet makes me think this was taken in the City (different police force to the Met).
London early 1960s
This is one of my favourites of the whole collection. St Paul’s from the start of Cannon Street – with a bubble car in the foreground. What I find curious is that St Augustine, Watling St is absent. The church was destroyed in the blitz and the choir school that stands there now built in 1967, but the tower was restored 1954. The picture must be late 50s as that looks like a BMW Isetta which were not produced until 1956.
London early 1960s
St Paul’s from the front. To the north of the Cathedral (the left as we look) is Paternoster Square which is now pedestrianised so I find it strange to see that Morris 1000 there.
London early 1960s
This is Temple Church which is tucked away between Fleet St and the Thames. No roads so follow the alleyway opposite Chancery Lane or go up Kings Bench Walk.
12 London1957 - 1963 Embankment Old Curiousity Shop
Just off Holborn Kingsway, this is now a shoe shop. It looks exactly the same!

London early 1960s

London early 1960s
I assume taken from Victoria Embankment Gardens in early spring judging by the crocuses.
London early 1960s
Boadicea before she became Boudica. People with Iceni heritage are still allowed to have blades stuck onto their hub caps.
London early 1960s
Here she is again. The red semi-circle was the entrance sign to Westminster Tube.
33 1957 UK Town from air
This looks like it was taken from an airplane window. I’ve spent many a minute trying to work out where. I assume it must be just after take off – but from which. The prime candidates are Heathrow and Gatwick, but that church is hiding from me when I look on maps.
London 1960 Trafalgar Sq Christmas
Trafalgar Square
London1960 Regent St Christmas b
Probably Regent Street – bit too dark to see.
London1960 Regent St Christmas
Regent Street is curved – so that might be a clue.
London 1960s - Possibly Princess Margaret 300 D1
Princess Margaret on a different day.
St Paul’s with scaffolding. That would place it in 1965. Doris worked for the part of the Post Office that became BT, so I assume she took it from one of their windows.
An odd slide from the end of the 1965 portugal trip. That looks like Victoria Embankment by the Temple. 158 Bishopsgate is still a restuarant, but not ‘Two Hoots’

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