1964 Hertfordshire

8. Hertfordshire – St Albans – 1964

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St Albans is just north of London. The Abbey Cathedral can be easily seen from the M25.

This is the Abbey gatehouse with a Commer van parked in front. Although the slide is quite clear I can’t read the reg or indeed the business.

No number St Albans Abbey Gatehouse
St Albans – Abbey Gatehouse

One man with a petrol mower. I used to hate ours – I could never get it started.

36 St Albans
St Albans Cathedral

This is one of the oldest pubs in Britain it says. I looked through some old images and the pub sign seems to change a lot. This particular one does not look like they are fighting.

By the way where it says ‘Ye’ it should be pronounced ‘Thee’ – it is an Old English letter called Thorn which medieval printers did not have in their fonts so substituted Y.

01 St Albans Olde Fighting Cocks
St Albans – Ye Old Fighting Cocks

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